Street Image is an auto styling shop located in Union City, California.  Their main focus is color change vinyl wraps on vehicles but in early 2018 they wanted to break into the new field of graphic wraps. They invested in new equipment as well as a new Graphic Designer. I was brought in to be the designer as well has handle the print production for them.
Graphic Designer
Street Image, which included the owner, co-owner and two vinyl wrap installers. 
I completed 8 full graphic wraps through all throughout 2018. It took me about 2-3 weeks from ideation to printing, installers took about a week to install on the vehicle. 
I had no experience in the automotive industry, vinyl industry or graphic wraps for vehicles. With no training, education or video tutorials on how to design wraps for vehicles I dove right into it. With some trial and error I was able to figure it out like preparing my Photoshop file on the right scale, preparing the file for print and actually printing of it as well. The yellow challenger was my first attempt at a full graphic wrap. I was very impress by the results but I wanted to fix some issues that I noticed on the final install. The bumpers and fenders did not align or blend in as one. You can't really tell but I wanted to challenge my self and take it to the next level. 
The blue charger was my second attempt at a full graphic wrap. I focused on the smaller details like making sure the fenders and bumpers aligned and making sure my graphics where 110% crisp when they printed out. I also experimented with new brushes and blend modes for my layers. 
The alignment on the bumper and fenders as seen in the image above matched almost 100%. The client was very pleased and impressed at the results. For this project I spend time measuring the vehicle front to back and making sure my numbers translated into what I was doing on Photoshop. 
I was very pleased at the outcome and satisfying to be able to solve the issues I had before. This graphic wrap has won awards at various car shows in the Bay Area.
Another graphic wrap that was very popular was the Mercedes Benz wrap. This one was challenging because of the overall pattern and red splatter in the side, every vehicle has a different body shape which means the method of designing and making sure it aligned is different. I was very detailed in my measurements as well as communicating back and forth with the installers to learn how the vinyl shrinks, bends and how it changes with heat. This helped me a great deal when designing on a 2D screen.
I wore many hats at Street Image which allowed me to dive in in many different fields like, video, motion graphics and photography.  Check out an example of a video I shot and edited for promotional content. 
I also created content for their for social media to promote their 3-Day Hands on 
Wrap Training Class. 

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