NEEDACUT is an application that connects barbers and clients which allows them to easily books appointments. 
Product Designer
2 weeks

Problem Statement
Getting a cut from your barber is a must if you want to stay looking fresh but currently booking appointments with your barber is a hassle, he is either booked for weeks or is just to busy to respond back.  There are also times when you book an appointment and you still have to wait for your barber. There must be a better way besides messaging and Instagrams DM's to book and confirm your appointments. 
Market Research
-Too Complicated
-Very Generic
-Audience is not specific

-Reviews and Profiles
-Modern and Sleek
-Good Explore Page

-Too Complicated
-Geared towards bigger businesses

-Online booking
-Modern and Sleek
-Payment Processing
-Not personal
-People can cancel/not show up
-Barber can’t send alerts

-Brand name
-Connected to your cell

User Research
Interviews consisted of 4 clients and 4 barbers
User Interview key Insights for clients
-Clients are very loyal to their barbers and would be difficult to change barber
-Clients want to be able to know if there is a recent opening in their barbers schedule
-Clients don’t like to have to wait for barber when they scheduled an appointment

User Interview key Insights for barbers
-Barbers want to be more organized
-Barbers want to be able to send alerts or messages to their contacts all at once
-Barbers want to be able to keep track of their day to day schedule
-Barbers want to be able to set their times
-Access to calendar with appointments
-Set up timer and alert clients of recent openings
-Set up days when not available

-Set up or cancel appointments
-Access to barbers calendar
-Check for any openings

User Flow
I came to a realization that clients and barbers would need two different interfaces to accommodate both, at the same time being able to have access to same calendar.  
Keeping the UI layout simple is essential, because it should be an ease to choose your date and book your appointment. Overwhelming the client then makes it a hassle for them to go this route. 
Low Fidelity Wireframes
Client UI
The calendar is the most prominent solution to be able to see your barber availability. The client doesn't need to go back and forth with the barber anymore he can just directly access the available dates that are open. Times that are still available for that day will only appear as an option. 

The client is also able to book appointments in advanced as well as place a deposit, cancel or reschedule in their booked appointments icon. 
 Barber UI
Like the client, the calendar is a priority in the barbers UI. It shows his available times and check for his upcoming appointments. He is able to set dates and times for his clients the way he wants it. 

Adding an alert system is helpful for the barber as well. If somebody cancels he can send an alert to all his clients about the opening and is able to book somebody right away. 

High Fidelity 
Client UI
Barber UI

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