The goal of this course was to understand the basic objectives, principles,
and methods used in graphic design. The projects described here are designed to provide a
range of opportunities for creative problem solving within practical constraints.
Project 1-Content Map
Project 2-Poster
Project 3-Brochure
Project 4-Animation
Project 5-Interaction
The “Client”
For this project series our hypothetical “client” I chose Amnesty International
Project One: Content Map
To provide a detailed, logical, hierarchical research reference on aspects of the topic
“borders: migrants and refugees” for the purpose of developing concepts and content
for the projects that follow. This research should not be limited to aspects or geographic
locations addressed by the clients or other organizations referenced in this project
Project Two: Poster
This and the following projects must communicate an overall or significant specific
message relevant to the subject. While projects two through five can be conceptually
distinct from one another, they should be regarded as part of an integrated campaign of
materials, with appropriate visual relationships tying them together as a unified program.
Each student is responsible for establishing a unique graphic and conceptual focus and
determining how that focus is maintained throughout the project series. This poster
project will establish the look and feel, or ‘voice’ of your campaign.
Project Three: Brochure
To describe and diagram a particular quantifiable aspect of the subject or real-world
case study relevant to the subject.
Project Four: Story Boards and Animated Graphic
The main goal of project five is to dramatize a goal or aspect of the subject matter in
time-based form, and to direct social media and web traffic to the client’s website from
this graphic (CTA). Additionally, the project is to be documented with two story boards.
The purpose of the first story board is to show a preliminary yet clearly under-standable
hand-rendered, pre-production view of your concept. The purpose of the second story
board is to clearly represent the final appearance and elements of the finished animation.
Project Five: Create an interactive design
Call to action 

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